True Blonde 


A freelance photographer decided he wasn't making any money shooting scenic pictures for magazines like National Geographic, so he decided to change his style and shoot porn instead. He had a fabulous idea for a theme and was certain it would make him a big name in the business, but it would require a model he called 'a true blonde.' He began interviewing models, but none of them were quite what he was looking for.  

After weeks of searching, he began to get depressed, thinking he'd never find the perfect model. He stopped in a coffee house and ordered some coffee... and that's when he saw her. The waitress was perfect! She had platinum blonde hair that fell below her shoulder blades, a gorgeous face and a body all men want and all women wish they had. Excitedly, he asked her if she'd ever done any nude posing before. She shrugged and said she hadn't, but for the right price, she would.  

"I have only one question," he asked. "Are you a true blonde?"  

"I've never, ever dyed my hair, if that's what you mean,"  
she answered.  

So he gave her his card and told her to meet him the next day at his studio. When she arrived, he told her to get undressed and step onto the stage he had set up. She undressed and he noticed that her pubic hair was black.  

Frowning he said, "You said you were a true blonde! What a  
waste of my time this is."  
She gestured to him sweetly and walked him over to his desk. She took his hand and sensually placed it palm down onto his desk, then suddenly grabbed a huge paperweight and slammed it onto his hand as hard as she could. When he cussed and screamed at her in agony she just smirked.  

"Awe, look at that," she cooed, "it's turning black, and
it was only banged once."